Attention should be paid to the source of health ingredients

The most defining feature of the Internet age is that access to information becomes easier beyond our dreams. From how to cook home cooking in an African country, to the deepest secrets of the universe, it takes a few finger gestures to find information in every category and variety. Each of us contributes to the ever-growing information network every minute by sharing the knowledge we have produced or learned with other people. With this process, the proliferation of information sources, access to reliable information on every subject and discrimination made us all the agenda.

Just as the excessive abundance of a product facilitates the formation of defective ones, information can become dirty and blurred as it is easily accessible. There are almost no unreachable topics left on the Internet.

The moment we put the concept of health in the middle of this general assessment, we encounter a surprising amount of information. Unfortunately, it is possible to come across everything from programs that diagnose according to symptoms, to the so-called doctor’s recommendations that have moved away from scientific jargon, from disease descriptions to criticisms of doctors and health institutions. This situation has reached so serious levels that we frequently encounter examples that pose life-threatening risks. It should be reminded that health science is one of the fields that requires the longest education. Leaving aside the expertise created as a result of such a difficult training and specialization period, accepting the contents that are not known by whom and what is the source correctly, taking and using the recommended drugs, and then applying to the emergency services with sometimes fatal side effects complaints. it has increased so much …

Of course, to be knowledgeable about health; everyone’s right to learn, and more importantly, health awareness is our advice. The important issue here is to take into account the health contents prepared by experts, namely physicians. As one of Turkey’s leading healthcare institution to meet the needs of the most accurate information about the health of our people, and our corporate publications prepared by our expert in health communication channels on the Internet detailed and current information we share regularly.

The on-site Medical Park, Liv Hospital and VM Medical Park and brands with Turkey’s Directorate largest healthcare group that MLP Care’s Medical Services, our people, mild or severe, in all medical complaints any advice or information that reached as a result of internet research We strongly advise them to consult a physician ‘never’ to rely alone. We also strongly advise against relying on significant misinformation, the majority of which are commercial, misleading, and sometimes even deliberate.


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