Do not be distracted by technology while feeding your child!

Nutrition is one of the most important factors for child development. Cognitive development, brain development, the development of body systems, healthy nutrition, which has a direct effect on growth and hormones, can only be possible with the development of correct habits.


What can be done to give children a healthy eating habit?

It takes effort and patience to give children a healthy eating habit. In general, the way the family eats is reflected on the child. Children are directly affected by their parents’ eating habits and establish a eating pattern for themselves.

• You can encourage your child by using honorable sentences while feeding your child. However, it is useful not to exaggerate this situation. In the future, your child may try to use food as a tool to get praise.
• The whole family should have a certain eating time. All family members should start their meals at the same time and leave the table at the end of the specified time. After the meal time is over, you shouldn’t just wait to feed your child’s food.
• Don’t expect your child to enjoy every meal. Remember, there is a person in front of you and you should respect his tastes and preferences. You can find different alternatives with the same nutritional value instead of the foods that he doesn’t like. Of course, don’t take the business of offering alternatives too far, but don’t have too hard rules.
• If you want your children to come to the table more eager, you can use your creativity. You can decorate the dishes with figures and present them in different ways. Foods that you make more interesting with your creative ability will surely attract your child’s attention.
• Refrain from using food as a means of punishment or reward. Statements such as “If you eat your food, you can do these” or “You cannot go out if you don’t eat your food” can cause your child to stay away from eating or become a binge eater.
• Let your child learn the concepts of hunger and satiety. Emphasize that you are hungry when your meal times approach. In this way, try to create a sense of desire for food in your child. Do not forget to tell that you are full when the meal is finished.


Do not be distracted by technology while feeding your child!

Technology, which is one of the most important tools that will advance humanity when used correctly, makes life more difficult than it is when used incorrectly. Mobile phones, televisions, tablets and computers, which are among the most important communication tools of modern society, have a wide scope not only for adults but also for their children. Technological devices, on the one hand, provide fun and educational times for children, on the other hand, can be addictive. Parents have important responsibilities in the use of technological devices so that children can complete their development properly. One of the most common methods used by mothers who have difficulty feeding their children is to have the child eat while watching something on the television, phone, tablet or computer. Eating in front of technological devices, children concentrate only on what they watch. They cannot realize the taste of the food they eat, how much they eat, and whether they are full or not. Their risk of being obese increases as they eat more food than they need. For a healthy eating habit, the child should realize that the meal time has come and that he is eating. Children who are gagged while watching television think that eating is such a thing. Whenever they are in front of the screen, they can get into the habit of snacking by eating something. In the future, they may not want to eat at the table, may not learn the meal order or may be malnourished. All technological devices should be turned off at meal time in order to gain the habit of eating habits. Organize your meals to instill healthy eating habits in your child, and sit at the table with the whole family when meal time comes. Be a role model for her by eating together and not choosing food. When your child is capable of eating on their own, do not try to feed them.

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