Does snowfall break germs?

The expected snow is coming, albeit late this year. We are having a very difficult period due to the increasing winter diseases. Hospitals are full of patients. The snow that will fall is a ray of hope for many. After all, “Germs break when it snows.” Well, is it really like this? VM Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital Internal Diseases Specialist Uzm. Dr. L. Derya İnal states that there is some truth to it.

Microorganisms that cause winter diseases cannot survive in cold weather. On the other hand, as the snow falls, it reduces the pollution in the air to the earth and provides a cleaner air. It’s beautiful up here; however, we don’t usually live in cold weather. On the contrary, we are constantly in hot and closed environments such as home, workplace and school. A very favorable situation arises for the reproduction and transmission of microorganisms that cannot find a chance to live in cold weather. Therefore, unfortunately, breaking microbes when it snows does not help us much.
Well, what should I do? We need to continue our protective measures, summer and winter:

• Personal hygiene is essential, be sure to wash your hands frequently.
• You should ventilate your environment and not increase the room temperature too much.
• Do not shake hands or kiss sick individuals.
• Sick individuals should not enter closed environments if possible or be sensitive to prevent contamination to other people by wearing a mask.
• Consume plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water.
• Sleep between 6-8 hours a day.
• Stay away from physical and mental stress.
• Do not neglect the cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners.
• Do not smoke, do not be in a smoking place.


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