The aortic vein is the main vein that comes out of the heart and carries blood to the whole body. While aortic surgeries can only be performed by open method, closed methods have also been used in aortic surgeries after 2000s. The enlargement of the aortic vessel (aneurysm) is an important disease. This ballooning can burst, causing outward bleeding, killing the patient or rupturing into the vein. In both critical situations, there is a significant risk of death. If the tearing in or out is in the abdomen, the surgery is performed by opening the abdomen, if it is in the chest, opening the chest, sometimes both. In open surgery, this diseased vein is removed and an artificial vein is inserted instead. Closed aortic surgeries are performed with angio support, but the vein is reached surgically again. Frequently, both inguinal arteries and sometimes arm arteries are used. The procedure is in the form of reaching the abdomen or chest without opening the abdomen or chest.

The process called EVAR is used in intra-abdominal ballooning. Generally, a thin tube that is advanced through the arteries in the groin is used in the ballooning under the kidney vessels. The closed artificial vein in the thin tube opens in the form of an umbrella in the ballooning. Thus, the ballooning remains dysfunctional outside and sticks on the vein after a while, thus eliminating the risk of rupture. In 1-2% of the patients, it may be necessary to undergo emergency surgery in cases such as slippage, failure or rupture of the artificial vessel. It is also important that these patients be properly followed up. It is important to follow up whether there is a leak in the artificial vein with ultrasound and tomography.

The process called TEVAR is applied in the ballooning in the chest. Similarly, a thin tubular device is used that is advanced through the arteries in the groin. The closed artificial vein in this device is opened in the form of an umbrella in the ballooning. These procedures are successfully applied by experienced hands in clinics where angiography and surgery are performed together.

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