How should families spend time during the semester break?

The children took the semester break after an intensive education period. Regardless of their report cards, they also have the right to rest and have fun during the semester break. During this period in the school period; Hours of fun and enjoyment should replace stress, anxiety, rush and fatigue. That is why it is necessary not to put pressure on children to study during the holiday period. Planning activities for the semester break that will enable the child to develop mentally, physically and socially ensures that the children start the new period in a motivated way. Remember, when planning games and activities for children, their opinion should definitely be taken.

First of all, children should not be in front of the television or computer all day during the holiday, or be forced to study during the whole holiday because their grades are bad. Pressing the child to study because of his grades can cause an adverse reaction in the child’s behavior. On vacation; Reading different books, doing sports, artistic and cultural trips will be both enjoyable and instructive for him.

The child should be able to spend time with their peers during the holiday, as well as visit friends and relatives with their family. Thus, he will better understand the value of human relations and will have the opportunity to develop his social intelligence.

While doing all these activities during the holiday period, you can gradually plan what to do in the next period. In this way, the next period can be spent much more planned.



Games and activities for children to enjoy during the semester break

There are many activities that will help children spend their holidays productively. You can follow many activities in your city, paid or free, and even do countless activities at your home. Let’s take a look at examples of activities your child can participate in during the semester break.


  • Cinema and theater for children,
  • Painting and sculpture courses,
  • Fun math and philosophy courses,
  • Cooking classes for children,
  • Swimming, skiing and other sports,
  • Chess,
  • Museum tours,
  • Traveling to another city or country,
  • Coding courses,
  • Playgrounds and entertainment centers,
  • Model making workshops,
  • Music courses,
  • Visiting animal shelters,
  • Make a holiday diary with pictures,
  • Camping in nature,


The most important thing when planning all these activities is to be able to schedule the game-lesson in the most effective way during the holiday. In addition, giving the child the chance to study for a certain period of time or engage in an activity that he will enjoy after reading a book will also be a source of motivation. Of course, this activity should not be watching television or playing computer for a long time. Therefore, 1-1.5 hours of study time per day will be appropriate. When the remaining time is filled in a quality way, the holiday can be spent in the most efficient way.

You should also remember that an event that attracts his attention will perhaps shape his future career. For example; You can see that your child who goes to the basketball course has more fun in a cooking workshop that you attend this semester and you can direct him to cooking classes. Activities are not only great for fun, but also great ways for your child to discover themselves.

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