How to lose weight

Having an ideal body mass suitable for age and gender is desirable for both aesthetics and health. Individuals with overweight are more likely to have cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal disorders and many other health problems compared to other individuals. However, overweight people are also exposed to distaste, criticism and many other negative behaviors by their social environment. Since this situation can seriously affect the individual psychologically, it is essential for those who are overweight to lose weight in a healthy way and reach their ideal body mass. Although losing weight is a healthy condition for obesity patients, it is equally important to advance this process correctly. Losing weight too fast, losing weight by applying an unhealthy diet plan, losing weight by staying hungry for a long time can pose serious threats to health during the slimming process. In addition, the weight lost with an unhealthy diet is likely to be excessively regained at the end of the diet. For this reason, the healthiest way to lose weight is to first go through a physician’s examination and then to start a specially prepared and regularly followed weight loss diet with a dietician.

The coronavirus pandemic that has affected our country and the whole world since the last period of 2019 and the home quarantines applied in this process have led to weight gain in many individuals. During the period of staying at home, the desire to eat busy and high-calorie dishes such as pastries has increased. However, activity and energy expenditure were significantly reduced due to the restrictions imposed. All these situations pose an important risk for obesity and obesity. Apart from the pandemic period, these effects have increased the period of staying at home due to the cold weather that started with the winter months and prepared the ground for weight gain. With the approach of the spring months, the demand for weight loss has increased significantly. Especially in obesity patients, since reaching the ideal body mass requires a long process, it is very important to advance this process with an expert in terms of both weight loss success and health protection. It may be possible to lose weight in a healthy way by taking individual precautions based on a healthy diet for people who have excess weight and are close to their ideal weight.



How to lose weight in a healthy way?

It should be aimed to perform the weight loss process in a healthy way in individuals with excess weight. Care should be taken to lose weight in a healthy way in order to lose excess weight from fat without causing muscle loss, to minimize the slowdown in metabolic rate throughout the process, and to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The best way to achieve this is to consult a dietician and start the slimming process by getting a personalized diet list. Individuals who weigh less than 5-10 kilos and fall into the slightly obese category can lose weight through behaviors such as taking care of a balanced and healthy diet, reducing meal portions, and doing exercises at home. When deciding to lose weight, individuals should first find their ideal weight and set this goal.

Since excessive thinness is an unhealthy condition just like obesity, it is very important to determine the ideal weight correctly. Then, problems related to nutrition that need to be corrected and measures to be taken can be determined. In the diet plan, milk and products, red and white meat, eggs, legumes, vegetables and fruits, grains and oils should be included in a balanced way, avoiding the consumption of any food group and avoiding a different food group. However, in order to prevent the slowdown of the metabolic rate, one should not go hungry, and based on a low and frequent diet, 3 main meals a day should be added to 3 snacks. Healthy foods with high volume and low calorie content, as well as whole grains that keep blood sugar balanced, should be preferred, and the feeling of satiety after the meal should be long-lasting.


How to lose weight fast?

Among the topics that many individuals who start the weight loss process are curious about, there are answers to questions such as how to lose weight fast, how to lose weight quickly at home. But a healthy slimming process requires patience and effort. In addition to negatively affecting the health, the weight lost very quickly usually results in the regain of the weight lost in the future. First of all, it should be focused on the answer to the question of how to lose weight in a healthy way instead of the question of how to lose weight quickly in order to maintain health and then to ensure the permanence of the weight lost. The ideal weight loss rate can be stated as 1-1.5 kilos per week. Regular exercise is also very important in terms of continuing this process without interruption. Doing fitness exercises or different types of exercise such as swimming, jogging, and brisk walking at least 3 days a week supports weight loss by increasing energy expenditure. At the same time, as the muscle mass is strengthened and protected with exercise, it is ensured that the weight lost is predominantly fat mass. This is the most effective precaution that can be taken against risks such as the formation of sagging in the body after weight loss and the occurrence of regional lipoidosis. In the breakfast, foods such as unsweetened tea or milk, boiled eggs, seasonal vegetables can be included. For lunch and dinner, vegetable meals cooked with little oil, soups not exceeding a ladle, meat, chicken or fish cooked by methods such as grilling or boiling, yoghurt and whole grains can be included in moderation. Foods such as fruit and milk can be consumed with snacks. In this way, it is possible to lose approximately 4-6 pounds in a month by determining a balanced but measured nutrition plan. Regular exercise should also be included in this plan.


Rapid weight loss damages

Fast weight loss is an unhealthy condition, although it is a condition desired by many people. There are undesirable conditions such as muscle loss and fluid loss in individuals who lose weight very quickly by applying solid diets. The most important reason for muscle loss is that as a result of applying a very low calorie diet, the body uses muscle proteins as well as fats to obtain energy. The desired physical appearance cannot be achieved even if the body mass decreases after the intensive muscle loss. In this case, it is inevitable that regional lubrication and sagging will occur. Another harmful effect of rapid weight loss is the slowdown of metabolic rate. Since there is a partial hunger while applying a slimming diet, the body adapts itself to this situation and slows down the metabolic rate. In other words, the human body gets used to surviving with less energy by developing an adaptation in order to survive. The lower the dietary energy, the faster the weight loss, the slower the metabolic rate. The individual starts to gain weight even with a small amount of food, due to the metabolic rate that has slowed down with the cessation of the diet. This is the main reason for the problem of gaining weight back after rapid weight loss. In order to prevent this, individuals should be patient during the diet and avoid strict diets in order to lose weight quickly. In addition, by paying attention to the principle of less and frequent nutrition, the feeling of hunger in the body should be prevented as much as possible.



Home weight loss applications

The healthiest and safest way to apply a slimming diet is to consult a dietician. However, those who want to lose a few pounds and get their body in shape before spring can achieve these goals with the help of weight loss applications at home. For this, first of all, admission and departure times should be arranged. Getting up early in the morning and starting the day early by having breakfast is important in terms of increasing metabolic rate and supporting weight loss. Breakfast and snack times should be as regular as possible. In addition, food consumption should be terminated by completing the night snack 2 hours before the bedtime. Another very important point to be considered in the process of losing weight at home is exercise. There are many different exercise alternatives such as fitness exercises, pilates and yoga that can be done easily in the home environment. A regular exercise schedule should be established by determining a plan with such exercises. Individuals who have not exercised regularly before should start their exercise intensity lightly and increase their exercise intensity week by week. This application will also provide a great benefit for periods when metabolic rate and therefore weight loss rate slows down. In addition to nutrition and sports, attention should be paid to water consumption and a minimum of 2-2.5 liters of water should be drunk daily. This amount should be increased on exercise days.


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