Internet addiction in children

It can be said that with the development of technology, the diseases seen in children have also changed direction. Technological devices and the Internet, which are at the center of human life, affect many areas of life, from the social structure of the society and family to the education system. In addition to the benefits of technology to individuals in many areas, it can lead to some emotion and behavioral problems especially on children. One of these problems is internet addiction in children. This situation, which progresses as children losing control over their internet and computer use and starting to use them disproportionately, is a very serious problem that needs to be emphasized for the healthy development of the child and may require psychological treatment. One of the biggest factors in the emergence of this problem is the wrong attitudes of the parents. A child who is locked on the screen of a technological device and does not bother his parents is attractive to many parents. However, it should not be forgotten that the child who does not disturb his parents is the child who is closed to development and seeks the attention of his parents elsewhere.



How does internet addiction start?

Looking at the age distribution of Internet addiction, it is seen that it is concentrated in individuals born in 2000 and after. This is due to the parents’ interest and insufficiency of children born in the age of internet and technology. The ability of a person to complete his development is related to playing games, communicating with his parents, and interacting with his social environment. The use of the internet as a method to ward off the child who wants attention, who wants to play games, who wants his parents to interact with him, causes the foundations of internet addiction. Turkey Statistical Institute of internet search with 79.5% of children between 6-15 years of age were identified only in 2013 that he did not use for the game. In fact, this is caused by the child’s search for other entertainment areas as a result of the parents not being interested in their children. Play is the most important activity that will positively affect the development of the child both physically and mentally. Unable to achieve this, the child turns to internet games as a simple entertainment. This means that the most important cause of internet addiction is not the child himself, but the parents.



How to combat internet addiction?

It is a misconception that children born in the internet and technology will be more successful. Parents think that there are even children who watch videos and play games by accessing various websites from a tablet or phone. However, this is an action that can be done by all children who have developed motor muscle skills a little, have completed the development that can hold a phone or tablet, and have reached the ability to repeat what they see. For this reason, the idea that this situation is related to intelligence should be abandoned and efforts should be focused on saving children from the dependence of technological devices during the development period.

Although a child who does not break the house and who is sitting calmly in his place seems better for families, especially children between the ages of 0-2 should learn to walk, talk, and relate to their social environment. For this reason, families should support their children’s development and ensure their healthy growth. Families should ensure that they learn to speak with their children, support them to develop their motor muscle skills by playing games, and ensure that they gain mental skills by playing educational games.

Since the use of internet and technology cannot be eliminated due to the requirements of the age, at least 0-3 years old children’s relationship with the internet and technology for entertainment purposes should be minimized. Families should educate their children so that children who survive these ages in a healthy way can be guided correctly about internet use and deal with the educational part of the internet, not the game part. Parents who develop themselves in conscious internet use and have knowledge about new technologies in order to prevent their children from becoming internet addicts are very valuable for the future of their children. For this reason, as a parent, you should prioritize the future of your children, not the peace and quiet in your home, and take conscious steps about child education so that they can complete their mental and physical development in a healthy way.

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