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Although the definition of intelligence appears in many different ways in society, many of these definitions are wrong. Another thing wrong with intelligence is the notion that all intelligence can be developed by working. However, 75% of human intelligence is inherited from parents to their children. The remaining 25% varies as people develop themselves and their interests.


How is the definition of intelligence made?

It is possible to give the definition of intelligence in several ways. In the broadest sense, it can be said that intelligence is a general mind force. According to Terman, a psychologist, intelligence is the ability to think abstractly. Davis, on the other hand, defines it as the ability of people to solve the problems they encounter using the information they have acquired. Stern defines it as solving new problems by using the ability to think and adapting to new life conditions based on this. In its simplest form, intelligence is the ability to adapt to new situations. The faster a person solves the problems he encounters, the sooner he adapts to the situation he is in, the higher he has a higher level of intelligence. The most general and scientific definition that can be made in the light of all these ideas is the ability to understand the connection between concrete or abstract objects by using human perceptions and concepts, to be able to think and reason by associating abstract concepts, and to be able to apply human mental functions harmoniously to a desired goal.


Are there types of intelligence?

Intelligence is not limited to these definitions alone, but also has many areas within itself. These are verbal language intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, social intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalistic intelligence. All these types of intelligence are present in all humans. However, it is observed that some types of intelligence develop more than others, both inherited and related to the subject they develop themselves. Which type of intelligence will change more in people depends on the activities that develop which parts of the brain from childhood, as well as genetic factors.



What is an IQ test and how is it done?

IQ test is not a direct intelligence test. Intelligence is a highly complex concept, it is very abstract and has a dynamic nature. Therefore, it is not possible to measure intelligence with a single test. Hence IQ is not fixed from birth; changes over time. While IQ levels of people preparing for giftedness tests, where IQ tests are very important, tend to increase over time, on the contrary, the IQ values of people who are not related to such tests decrease by a few points over time.

IQ test is used only in the measurement of verbal and logical-mathematical intelligence among the intelligence types mentioned above. It should not be forgotten that a person with a very low IQ score can be quite intelligent in other types of intelligence. Likewise, a person with very high mathematical intelligence may have higher intelligence than an international musician. This is a pretty good example to understand that IQ tests are inadequate.

People who are familiar with IQ tests and who often try and study themselves on these tests have higher IQ scores than a person whose intelligence level is the same as him. Because a person who is familiar with the questions asked is much more likely to answer the questions correctly. The age at which the IQ test is performed is also of great importance in terms of the accuracy of the test result. IQ tests performed on children younger than 11 don’t make much sense. Because there are many psychological factors that can negatively affect the test result in children in this age group. This may cause the child taking the test to get a lower score than it should be. In the light of all this information, you can apply an IQ test for yourself or your child in order to understand the logical-mathematical intelligence level, provided that you remember that intelligence is not just a score.

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