Meet with genital aesthetics

The concept of genital aesthetics, which developed in parallel with technology, gained momentum with the development of new laser heads that can be used in the genital area.

The concept of genital aesthetics has ceased to be operations performed only with surgery and it is taken one step further with technologies such as laser and radiofrequency, which are identified with the term non-surgical aesthetics. In this way, the loss of workforce called “downtime” and the long recovery time required after surgery are minimized. Thus, many patients make a rapid return to their social life after the application. Genital aesthetic surgeries and applications can be listed as follows: “Labiaplasty (inner and outer lip aesthetics), correction operations on the clitoris folds (Clitoral hudoplasty), vaginal tightening with surgery (Vaginoplasty), genital area whitening (laser genital bleaching), laser vaginal renewal and Tightening (Laser vaginal rejuvenation), external genitalia tightening (Genital area tightening with laser), filling of the big lips (Labia majora injections), reduction of the labia majora by surgery (Labia majora aesthetics), pubis aesthetics (Puboplasty-Venus Aesthetics)


Prevent sagging

One of the most common aesthetic genital problems is the size and sagging of the outer and inner lips. The inner lips form curved structures extending from the upper part of the clitoris to the bottom of the vaginal entrance. In some women, it is considered natural for the inner lips to protrude slightly from the outer lips. However, although the length of the outer lips does not cause a medical problem, it disrupts the aesthetic appearance and pushes the woman to seek a solution. Sometimes the labia minora may be structurally longer, larger or asymmetrical than normal.

With the widespread use of laser technologies in medical fields, vaginal tightening can be performed with an intervention that takes 15-20 minutes without requiring general anesthesia. The laser vaginal tightening procedure is extremely comfortable for the patient, painless and shows the expected effect. Vaginal tightening surgery to be performed on people with such complaints both provides psychological relief and eliminates problems such as sexual reluctance resulting from relaxation.

In the genital area, the inner and outer lips darken over time due to sexual intercourse and hormones. This situation may cause aesthetic dissatisfaction in women. This discomfort is eliminated with the applied procedure.

Especially in recent years, indicating that genital aesthetic and cosmetic gynecology in the world and widespread in Turkey Elazig Medical Park Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Fatma Kaya says that the genital aesthetic method can be used in the following cases: “In patients with structural disorders of the genital areas, sexual activity disorders, vaginal enlargement and sagging due to birth, urinary incontinence, genital darkening, wrinkling and skin sagging in the genital area.” The method to be used in genital aesthetic operations is decided according to the patient’s complaint and the result of the doctor’s examination. Surgical operation is performed to narrow the vagina, inner lip aesthetics, to correct the bad birth scars and folds on the clitoris. Laser technology is preferred for vaginal tightening and tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, large lip tightening, small lip tightening, genital skin discoloration, correction of urinary incontinence problems and genital wart treatment.

Complaints of urinary incontinence are quite common in many people due to the weakening of the connective tissue that supports the bladder and bladder neck with the increase in the number of births and the advancement of age. Medical Park Elazığ Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Uzm. Dr. Fethi Hanay emphasizes that this situation negatively affects the quality of life and says: “Laser applications create tightening and regeneration in this area by activating the connective tissue that supports the bladder and bladder neck. With the completely painless procedure, most of the patients get rid of this problem in the first application. In some cases, second and third applications may be required. ”


Why laser technology?

Laser applications are more preferred because they do not have surgical incisions and stitches. In addition, it does not require anesthesia and almost all operations are completed with high success. The risk of complications and side effects are not encountered in laser technologies with a short application period.

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