Psychology-induced sexual problems

Sexuality, which aims to ensure the continuity of the human generation, is an impulse that exists in all people from birth. Sexuality, which is a natural need like sleeping and eating, is an indispensable part of human life. One of the factors affecting communication and happiness between spouses is a regular and healthy sex life. Sexual problems that may occur in one or both spouses for various reasons can shake the relationship as well as cause many problems such as lack of self-confidence and depression in the spouses. As researches conducted in recent years have shown, 1 out of every 3 individuals is faced with problems related to sexual life.



Causes of sexual problems

Among the common causes of sexual problems that are common in our country and all over the world:

• Traditional impositions exposed from childhood
• Wrong growing conditions
• Impaired body perception and low self-esteem
• Shyness
• Low self esteem
• Conflicts between spouses
• Traumatic memories from the past
• Sexual orientation problems
• Many factors such as physiological problems can be counted.



Sexual problems that can be caused by psychology reasons

Sexual problems are among the most common health problems both in our country and in the world, regardless of male-female discrimination. It is possible to completely prevent sexual problems, many of which are caused by psychological reasons, with a correct treatment process.



Psychological sexual problems in women


Vaginismus, which is one of the most common sexual problems among women, is the involuntary contraction of the female genitalia during sexual intercourse, preventing the entrance of the male genitalia. Psychological factors such as fear of intercourse and being raised in a society that is oppressive about sexuality often underlie the disease. In the treatment of vaginismus disease, psychological treatment is required in addition to the medical treatment given by the physician. As a result of a correct treatment process to be applied in this way, it is possible to prevent vaginismus disease up to 100 percent.



Another common sexual problem among women is orgasm disorder. Orgasm is the name given to the highest level of pleasure felt during sexual intercourse in men and women. Many women may never orgasm in their lifetime. This condition known as orgasm disorder; Lack of knowledge about sexual life is caused by psychological reasons such as growing up under pressure, and it is possible to prevent and solve this problem with psychological support.



Psychological sexual problems in men


In males, the inability of the penis to harden sufficiently for sexual intercourse or the late erection is called erectile dysfunction. As the age progresses, the incidence of erectile dysfunction also increases. In addition to possible physiological problems, psychological problems such as intense work life and stress, sexual failures experienced in the previous period and fear of not being able to satisfy one’s partner may play a role in its being seen at a young age.



before sexual intercourse is achieved in men, immediately after sexual intercourse or before sexual intercourse can satisfy their partner is called premature ejaculation. Late ejaculation, which is much more rare than premature ejaculation, is the name given to situations such as the need for a long time to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse or the need to masturbate for ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Health problems and psychological factors may play a role in the causes of both conditions. In addition to urologist examination and treatment, psychological treatment should also be included in the treatment.



Psychologically induced sexual problems common in women and men


Sexual anorexia, which is a common problem between men and women, is a situation that can affect the relationship between spouses in a very bad way. Intense work pace, stressful life, sexual phobia and bad sexual experiences can lead to the development of aversion to sexuality in both genders. If there is no underlying hormonal or physiological disease, it can be said that the source of the problem is completely psychological.



Feeling pain during sexual intercourse in women and during erection and intercourse in men is called painful sexual intercourse. Male patients with this problem should be examined in detail by urology and female patients by gynecology specialists. In the absence of any problems, it should be taken into account that this situation may occur due to other problems such as sexual anorexia and phobia. Likewise, excessive contraction of the muscles in the sexual area due to stress can also lead to painful sexual intercourse.

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