What are the benefits of linden?

The linden tree, which has approximately 40 different species worldwide, grows in temperate and semi-tropical regions. The linden tree, which can also be defined as the genus Tilia of the Malvaceae family, or in other words, can be seen in the form of a tree or shrub. The flowers and leaves of the linden tree, which is grown in many places due to its fragrance, can be consumed as tea. The flowers and leaves, which are almost yellow to white between June and August, mature in autumn and are collected towards the end of the season. The product obtained by drying the collected leaves and flowers has a pleasant odor due to the essential oils it contains. In addition, the active ingredients contained in the plant can be used for support in the treatment of many different health problems. The consumption of leaves and flowers collected from the linden tree by brewing like black tea after drying has many different benefits such as calming down, reducing fever, strengthening the immune system and preventing spasm. In addition, linden tea can be consumed to relieve the respiratory tract with its powerful expectorant property. Before discussing the benefits of linden, which can help the person to relax in cold and flu ailments, the frequently asked “What is linden?” Must answer the question.

Linden; It is a tree-shaped plant species that belongs to the linden family and grows in a temperate climate. Linden, which is a very long-lived tree, can grow up to 30 meters. Only two of the linden tree, which has 40 different species, can be used for medical reasons. It is appropriate to boil the leaves and flowers of Tilia Platyphyllos, known as the large-leaved summer linden, and the small-leaved European linden, or Tilia Cordata. Although linden tea is usually made from the flowers and leaves of the tree, in some regions the bark of the tree is also used to prepare tea. However, the most valuable part of the linden tree in terms of consumption as a medicinal plant is its flowers. Its yellowish white flowers are very delicate, although it is extremely fragrant. After harvesting, the flowers, leaves and stem bark of the tree must be dried before being consumed. Linden can be consumed as tea after drying. In addition, linden teas sold in markets can be consumed to help treat some ailments. Linden plant contains vitamins A, B6, C and P, as well as minerals such as iron, manganese and calcium. Tea obtained by brewing dried pieces of linden has many benefits. Linden, which has antioxidant properties, can also be used as diuretic and sweating aid. Based on these properties, it can be said that linden has a toxin and inflammation reducing effect. The essential oils found in the natural structure of linden enable the unique smell of linden to be revealed. It also has a soothing and calming effect on human metabolism. One of the frequently asked questions is “What are the benefits of linden tea?” in the form.


What are the benefits of linden?

Linden can be obtained by drying the leaves, flowers and bark of the linden tree, or it can be purchased as dried from a herbalist or as a tea bag from markets. Those who want to dry linden can tear the linden flowers and leaves from the point where it meets the branch. The detached leaves and flowers can be left on a cloth in a shady area. The dried plant should be consumed within one year at the latest. Linden can be used in an extremely wide range of benefits. Linden tea benefits can be listed as follows:

• Linden tea, which is consumed after a stressful day, can help relax the body and mind of the person with the effect of the essential oils in its content.
• It can support the healing of some skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis that occur due to stress.
• It is effective in softening the throat discharge that occurs in respiratory infections. It is known that it is more effective in relieving the discomfort in the throat area when it is prepared with honey.
• It is thought to be effective in reducing the cough that occurs in some ailments.
• When consumed after meals, it can prevent complaints such as indigestion, bloating and constipation.
• Linden tea can help regulate bowel movements.
• When consumed with lemon, it helps support the immune system.
• It is known that people with insomnia problems fall asleep more easily if they consume linden tea in the evening.
• Toxins in the body can cause symptoms such as bloating and pain. The feature of linden tea that helps to reduce edema helps the person to urinate more. In addition, linden tea, which increases the frequency of sweating, can help remove edema and toxins out of the body with these properties.
• Linden tea helps the person to warm up in cold weather. If linden tea is consumed in cold weather, it may be easier for the person to get warm.
• It can be effective in removing spots and wrinkles on the skin surface. For this, linden tea prepared and cooled beforehand should be applied to the skin by massaging.
• Linden tea is also effective in hair care. Applying linden tea to the hair and scalp while showering can help the hair look brighter.
• Linden tea can reduce the under-eye bruises when it is placed on the eyelids with the help of a cotton ball after cooling. For this, cotton dipped in linden tea should be left on the eyelid for about 15 minutes. This process can also reduce the bacteria around the eyes.


How is linden tea prepared?

Linden tea has traditionally been used for many years to protect from flu and cold ailments and to reduce the effects of these diseases on the body. However, contrary to what is commonly thought, linden tea is not a medical remedy. Therefore, it cannot be used alone for the treatment of diseases. Linden tea can support the treatment of some ailments. Linden tea can be consumed to protect against diseases or to support its treatment, or it can be consumed only as tea to have a pleasant time. Linden has a very pleasant fragrance and soft taste. It can be prepared in teapot, coffee pot or french press. While preparing linden tea, it should never be boiled directly with water, but instead, boiled water like black tea should be poured over the linden. After a pinch of dried linden is put into these products, boiled water is added on it. It is expected to brew for about 10 minutes. Leaving the yellow-white color of the linden flower into the water indicates that it is ready for consumption as a tea. It is made ready for service by pouring it into a tea glass or mug with the help of a strainer. If it is to be consumed to support the treatment of ailments such as flu, honey and lemon juice can be added to the ready-to-serve lime. When consumed in this way, linden tea can help soften a person’s throat. In addition to the classic linden, products in teapot tea forms sold in markets can also be consumed. This product is made ready by adding boiled water after it is put in a glass. Linden tea can be prepared in different ways according to one’s own taste. Those who want to add a different flavor to linden tea can make the brewing process with products such as apple, quince, lemon and cinnamon. In addition, clove can be used in the preparation of linden tea.

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