What causes hair loss? How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is usually genetic, but it can also be experienced due to various diseases. In addition, temporary illnesses, sinusitis, infection, intestinal parasites trigger hair loss, while B12, magnesium, zinc and iron deficiency also cause hair loss.

Hair loss is a must have for our hair health. The weakened hair sheds to renew themselves and healthy hair occurs from the hair follicles. However, it must have a certain rate. Scientifically, when the hair shed rate exceeds ten percent of the total hair strand rate, this means an unhealthy shedding and it is useful to consult a dermatologist.

Daily cleaning and routine hair care can prevent some spills. Airing of the hair follicles is very important for the health of the hair strands. For this reason, the scalp should be washed at regular intervals, while washing the hair, it should be cleaned with gentle movements and care should be taken that the hair is always clean. Substances found in most shampoos, which make shampoos foam, and also in laundry and dishwashing detergents, damage the health of the scalp and damage the hair strands. For this reason, you should avoid cheap shampoos for hair health and prefer natural soaps and shampoos.

Why does hair fall out?

Hair loss in men begins to occur after puberty. Since male genetics are more suitable for hair loss, baldness problem occurs in later ages. Although hair loss is less common in women, it is caused by individual gene differences. Stressful life, thyroid hormone imbalance, use of birth control pills, birth process, breastfeeding process, and menopausal women trigger hair loss. Perm, blow-dry, etc. under the name of hair care. other treatments cause the scalp to be exposed to excessive heat and hair loss in the long term.

How to prevent hair loss?

After the diagnosis is made with the help of a specialist, if there is a spillage as a result of the disease, a treatment method is followed accordingly. When necessary, vitamin supplements are made, protein-supplemented nutrition can be used, and if there is a hormonal imbalance, the disease is treated. Correct diagnosis and treatment can bring hair loss to normal.

What is good for hair loss?

The use of various drugs under expert control is good for hair loss. These types of medicines strengthen weak hair strands and thicken thin hair strands. It provides treatment for hair strands that are about to fall out and prevents them from falling out. With the method called hair mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals and circulation regulators are injected into the scalp with micro needles. After the injection process is finished, the scalp is massaged and the injected substances are distributed evenly to the hair follicles. This treatment, which can be applied as a cure, contributes to the strengthening of the hair follicles and the growth of the hair. This method can be applied to both women and men. The most common method used today is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is to try to provide a balanced appearance by removing the hair strands at the back of the scalp that do not fall out and applying them to the shed areas. It is mostly used for male pattern hair loss. It is the most valid hair loss solution today.

Is herbal solution enough for hair loss?

Acceleration of blood circulation in the scalp prevents hair loss. Massaging the scalp with olive oil and coconut oil contributes to the acceleration of blood circulation. Again, if a pinch of rosemary is boiled for 20 minutes and cooled and then used in hair rinsing, it will strengthen the hair. The remaining rosemary juice can also be used as a conditioner.


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