What is adenoid? How is nasal surgery done?

Adenoid is a tissue similar to a bunch of grapes located between the nose and throat. The nasal flesh catches bacteria and viruses that enter the nose and produces antibodies that help the body fight microbes. If your child has persistent or frequent recurrent adenoid enlargement or inflammation, your doctor may recommend nasal surgery. Children do not get sick more often after nasal removal; This is because other tissues, such as the adenoid, can perform the same functions adequately.


What are the symptoms of nasal flesh?

In case of enlargement of the nasal flesh, various symptoms can be seen. Your child may have one or more of the following symptoms:

• Difficulty breathing through the nose
• Mouth breathing
• Don’t talk like a stuffy nose
• Making a sound when you breathe
• Snoring during sleep
• Holding your breath for a few seconds during sleep (Sleep apnea)
If you suspect that adenoid is enlarged or inflamed in your child, consult your doctor.

How is adenoid treatment?

Your doctor may try to treat your child’s inflamed adenoids with antibiotics first. If the nasal passage is not inflamed, your doctor may recommend waiting for a while, because some growth of adenoid is normal in children. In time, your child’s nasal flesh may spontaneously shrink.


In which situations is adenoid surgery decided?

Your doctor may recommend nasal surgery if your child has one or more of the following conditions:

• Difficulty breathing
• Sleep apnea
• Frequent nasal inflammation
• Speech impairment

How is nasal surgery done?

No matter how simple it may seem, any surgery is often frightening for children and parents. You can help your child prepare for surgery by telling him what awaits him. In adenoid surgery;

• Your child will be put to sleep under general anesthesia. This means that the surgery will be performed in an operating room and your child will be monitored by an anesthesiologist during the surgery.
• Your child will sleep for about 20 minutes
• The surgeon will remove the adenoid from your child’s mouth. There is no need to make an incision in the skin for nasal surgery.



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