What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is carried out with the aim of treating the diseases that have occurred from the oils obtained by distilling the roots, leaves or flowers of the plants. The origins of aromatherapy are very old, indeed, many years ago, Ibn-i Sina drew the scheme of the distillation device in his book and changed the healing of plants. These treatments, which were frequently used in ancient times, were left to synthetic drugs that are easier and cheaper to obtain from these plants with the increase of population and technology. Over the years, microorganisms have recognized synthetic drugs and gained resistance; However, aromatherapy oils microorganisms do not gain resistance in water.

In which areas is aromatherapy treatment used?

Unfortunately in our country, aromatherapy has come to the fore mostly with cosmetics and massage, its use as healing has been named as alternative medicine for years, and it has not been applied by us physicians as much as we do not find enough clean (without substances that may contain side effects) medical oil in the market, and it is not practiced by doctors and pharmacists. It has also been abused by people who are not. Today, it is a treatment method that is included in payment in some countries, especially in England. Fortunately, thanks to our esteemed pharmacists in our country, we can reach these oils that are very difficult to obtain. With the increased awareness on this issue, more and more physicians use aromatherapy every day.


Can aromatherapy treatment be applied to children?

As in many age groups, we can benefit from aromatherapy and the wonderful healing of herbs in pediatric patients. Because the oils used in aromatherapy are not foreign to the body like medicines, they act by showing similarities with our cells’ own membranes and their own building blocks. In addition, since there is a difference of thousands of times between the dose given in the treatment and the toxic doses that may cause side effects, and it is not possible to buy enough oil to reach the toxic dose, these treatments are almost without side effects.

Which pediatric diseases are used in aromatherapy?

The areas of use of aromatherapy in children are mainly colds, eczema, atopic dermatitis, diaper rash, rash, urticaria, allergic asthma, lice and pests removal, strengthening immunity, acne treatment, attention deficit, anxiety disorder, constipation, burns, fungal infections, gas (colic), ringworm and joint pains. It is not enough that the oils used in children are only organic, but should not contain thujone, camphor or ketone that are discharged from the lungs and cause cough as a side effect. Therefore, these treatments should only be arranged by doctors and pharmacists who know these oils and should only be prepared in pharmacies that have these types of oils recommended to you. Otherwise, using synthetic oils sold in the street market instead of real oils can cause serious side effects in children by acting just like drugs.

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