What should the new year mean?

New year … New dreams, new hopes, new beginnings … The end of a year means the beginning of a new year. This special day is where everyone reviews for themselves, reviews and realizes their own life by looking at the past, and we make decisions by increasing our awareness. We can say that he is making plans and actually this new year is important in human life. We learn from the past, we develop goals and objectives for the future. Although this special day is perceived as being ignored by some people from time to time, we all have a place in our lives. I believe in those who say otherwise, they hold hope for new beginnings. Here, it should not be forgotten that every day of life is special. However, it may be useful to set out for specific purposes in the private, to set out by the mass to create values. When we look at it from the individual side, it can be called as a beginning to think about what everyone does in their own lives but does not like to do or what they want to do but cannot do, and to take a forward step.


Our perceptions are our future

We are all given 365 days. What we do in these 365 days is up to us, something that is directly related to our perceptions. In life, the meanings we give to events are important, not events. We all attribute different meanings, so when we experience the same event, we experience different emotions. Because we all have different meanings. When this meaning changes, our emotions change when emotions change, our habits change when behaviors change, we can say that it even affects our character when habits change. Therefore, our perceptions determine our future life. Statistics show that every new year comes people set new wishes and goals. The rate of those who realize these goals and wishes is 8-12%. It has been determined that in the first two weeks, people act in line with their goals, but then come to the starting point. So what is the reason for this? What should we do?


What is the reason and what should we do?

1-Making realistic plans; The fact that people have more expectations than their needs negatively affects their progress towards their goals. Therefore, the person should make plans that are compatible with his life realities.

2- Concretizing wishes; for example; I will lose 20 kilos per month is not a meaningful goal. It can return to the beginning when 20 kilos are lost. Instead, the purpose has to be strong and meaningful. We have to question why we want to lose weight. You can write ten goals for why you want to lose weight.

3-Determining the strategy; Not planning is planning for failure. If we are going to cook, we need a recipe. Ignoring them is like traveling on a ship without a route.

4-Learned hopelessness; It is the belief that wishes that did not come true in the past years will not happen this year. People make expressions like “I did it, it doesn’t work, so there is no point in hoping”, “I tried, I was beaten”. Whereas, we should be people who try as they are defeated instead of I tried. However, there is a lot to learn about defeating.

5-Postponing; Postponing actions to be taken. People like I’m not ready to be a father, I’m not ready to be a mother, I’m not ready to do this, etc. can use procrastination expressions. So you have to understand how you are ready? So we have a hard time getting started. The first step to ending something and getting distance is to ‘start’.


Another problem is not to increase motivation. When we step while doing things, we don’t enjoy the distance we step. This doesn’t mean much, since we usually think about the future. Or ‘I have tried it before, it doesn’t happen’. Here we have to remember this: Babies fall on the ground 200-250 times on average when they go from crawling to walking. What does it mean? The all-over fall is a reason to stand up. Every defeat gives a reason to learn. Every failure is learning on a road to success. Failure should be viewed as intermediate stops, not the journey itself. We must stay now. We have to ask this; What can I do now to achieve this goal, this goal? In English, the word now means present. Present also means gift in English. It also means a gift given to you. Now is very important, today will determine tomorrow, today. So now is the time to do something. Let’s not put a day tomorrow, let’s start today. Have a new year crowned with values.


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