What you should know before starting a diet

Are you dieting for the first time?

Or are you also one of those who are tired of dieting and call this dietician experience? Or do you think my biggest problem is not being able to gain weight?

Diet does not just mean taking and applying a list of your foods. In addition to healthy eating, it achieves its purpose when you do regular sleep and regular exercise together …



Prepare yourself for this

• Setting your goals realistic will help you determine your path correctly, and if your goals are unattainable, not reaching those goals will cause your motivation to drop.
• In addition to preparing your diet, your dietician is the person who will support you in this process and explain this course. Keep in touch with him and try to follow up regularly.
• The reason for your inability to lose / gain weight may also indicate a hormonal problem. In this respect, your dietician will first ask you for a blood test and, as a result of body analysis measurements and anthropometric measurements, will prepare your diet program suitable for your lifestyle and, if deemed necessary, will direct you to internal medicine or endocrine according to the results of the blood test.
• Remember that you need time for weight loss, just as the weight is not gained immediately. In this way, your dietician and patience are your most important supporters. And remember that everyone’s metabolism works differently, don’t compare yourself to others…
• Are you one of those who say that if I drink water, it helps? Most people are not even aware of what they are eating, so start keeping a diet book three or four days before coming to your dietician and record what you eat and drink in this notebook, this notebook will help you to have awareness and to provide self-control in the diet process.
• Are you one of those who wait for Monday to start the diet? Let’s start the day today …


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